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hello.My name is Ilgar. I am from Azerbaijan. i have a few knowledge about forex trading. I saw in internet there are many brokers that offers promotions - deposit bonuses , rebate programs, cashback programs and so on. I have a 10000 usd capital in my electronic wallet. I want to start to trade with these promotions .After reading terms of these promotions i understand that to earn additional money from these promotions i must to trade a lot of time and in worst case trade to breakeven. Is there any breakeven forex strategy that opens many positions in a day and that i can use to trade with these promotions ? Or it is not worth to participate in those promotions ? Please give me advice.Thanks. 

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I would suggest you few points:

* Avoid brokers who actively promote bonuses, prices, cars and etc. - they are MM and their aim is to loose your money with them. That is the reason  to offer you large bonus, but related with conditions difficult to be finalized. They count on you to loose your funds faster;

* You said you have 10000 USD for trading. Do not open account with all of them, but just with small part of them and try to keep them in the beginning. (your initial target is to learn yourself, how to protect your funds, not to increase them. This will also come, but on later stage with adding screen time and experience.

* Test strategies on Demo first, but not stick for demo for a long time, because this will become an psychology obstacle for you in the future.

I hope this will be a good starting point :)