Why some people dislike trading?

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Some people do not like to trade in forex market it because probably they have wrong knowledge about trading or they lose their money by trading.

Plz share your opinions

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The only people that may dislike forex trading are those too scared to loose a few dollars and those without the proper knowledge.

But once you get your mind in the right frame and appreciate the risk. Then you are basically hooked onto FX.

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You should not worry about what others like or dislike. As long as you are happy with trading keep doing it. That's all that matters.

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For the same reason some like it

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Most people dislike forex due to no knowledge about forex trading. So they think forex is a scam. But when they got to know about it there is no reason for dislike.

Why I am telling this because I was in the same boat

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Some people do not like to trade in forex market it because probably they have wrong knowledge about trading or they lose their money by trading. Plz share your opinions

Why do you think Trading means Forex?




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[TD]trade - commerce - traffic - business - marketing
The action of engaging in trade.[/TD]





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Some people dislike trading because they are not aware of the potential involved in the forex trading business because they do not have much exposure to the forex market. Thus, such people knowing the superficial facts stay away from the wonderful opportunity.

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Risk aversion. Not everybody copes with risk the same way as traders

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Hello Traders,

Most probably due to the risk and so many scammers out there.

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People dislike trading because they loose in this market. Forex need certain training , practice and experience to get benefit from it . They start trading with low learning and try to get high profits at once. They find this trading risky and difficult that is why they dislike it.

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Everyone knows the reason of this dislike or hate of forex among people. Most of those are just considering it a get rich quick scheme and when they face some loss or cant make enough money they just started to dislike it.

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I think without proper knowledge and market study ppl invest in forex and then loose money in market. due to which they scared to invest in forex market. If trading with experienced broker trader will not face loss.

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forekx trading is high risk but is if the way...trading is simple..can profit amuch and konsisten.

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Everyone likes to win. No one likes to lose.

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I think most of the people do not like trading is because of they hear so many people fails any never try to attempt to know why those traders fail. To me, trading is the safest business we can ever have in this planet if we know what we are doing because we can stay aside when the market is not behaving well while other business still have to keep open their doors even the economy is bad.