Could someone recommend an honest broker?

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What I have done in the past to test honesty is, opening multiple accounts with various brokers and placing the same trades the amount of manipulation is ludicrous. Pepperstone, axi and fxcm are ones I have tested in the past and its the same thing stop hunting and slippage. GL let me know if you find 1

Hi MikBilj,

I'm FXCM's representative here on Forex-TSD. If you feel there was something wrong with the trade execution you received from us, I want to look into this for you. If you post a chart here showing examples of what you mean, I'll be happy to respond on the forum.

I only ask that to protect your privacy you refrain from posting your account number or any other personal details. If such information is necessary to understand the complete situation, you can fill out a trade inquiry form. Then the trade services team can follow up with you personally after completing a thorough investigation.


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good opportunity and i like it,

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good opportunity and i like it,

Yes,this is one way to find a great broker on our part,and know a broker which is not reliable or what.Its a great opportunity for us to share something regarding our broker which will be a grate help for others in choosing what may be a good one for them.Which they may think is the best that will fit their standard in choosing a good broker.

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I think we have to choose a broker who has the confidence of traders, we can see from the testimonials given by traders on performance of brokers. my own is now trading at TenkoFx

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There are n't any honest brokers (much like used car salesmen)

the closet anyone will get is ECN, paying for commission

otherwise what does the broker get out of it, unless they are sabotaging your trades

and never any Market Maker broker, as its a conflict of interest

unfortunately ECN usually means a $10,000 deposit, or more

and whats all this promoting of ones own brokerage?

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Yeah sure

That would be Jesus Christ in person. All the others have their unique devious ways of "skimming" the cream off your trade. Some are downright subtle and are "most helpful & courteous" when you raise your enquiry with them (that's if you ever discover with the really sharp ones that you've been "skimmed" a few pips here and there). Some are outright absolutely blatant cheaters like FXGM & Finexo who would not hesitate to cheat their own mothers in broad daylight.


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I have been with ICMarkets for some time and have never seen any untoward or suspicious activity. They have top notch support, very quick execution and good spreads.

I have also recently seen a broker which I had never heard of, Global Prime, who are Australia based. They offer to ,

"To show that Global Prime does not profit from client losses we can provide a trade receipt on any trade taken which shows which bank/Liquidity Provider filled the trade."

If that isn't transparency, then I don't know what is ! I only wish other brokers would provide this same undertaking.

Here is a link to a listing of all the features offered by them : Global Prime | Global Prime Reviews | Global Prime details

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Unfortunately, MT4 excludes non-dealing desks.

But DD brokers don't have to be bad by definition.

It's or you go with ,,,,, ... (examples of non-dealing desks)

...or you go with a MT4 dealing desk broker.

Also maybe of help: Dealing vs Non-dealing desk FOREX brokers

I think every newbie should stay away from DD brokers. non dealing desk are straightforward. Meanwhile, if you want an honest broker, do not think regulated brokers are honest, some are far worst than unregulated brokers. If you want the best trading conditions in this market, I think the offshore brokers have it. Choose wisely.

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STP/ECN NDD brokers are the best on market, and they should be regulated like FXPRO and HotForex.

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STP/ECN NDD brokers are the best on market, and they should be regulated like FXPRO and HotForex.

Yes, you right. STP/ECN NDD broker are the best on market. i reccomend Tenkofx. anyone have trade with this broker ?

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I am happy client with 1LOTSTP broker and i am fully satisfied with them. This has fast MT4 execution and also good customer support. So i can suggest this broker for you.

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i'm trading with TenkoFx now. If you want to start trading with this broker, you can start trading with $10 for the minimum deposit to open real account. I get low spread, the best trading condition and i also get maximal service here.

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my brokers best

so good in fact their name can n't be mentioned

mostly for institutions - but retail can also trade if they have 10k

(forget the bucket shops)

or if you have to trade with a bucket shop (for a while)

run with your cash once you ve made a few k

otherwise they'll make you hand it all back (by hook or by crook)

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one way to choose a broker is to perform tests against the broker. You can test your brokers by opening a demo account. Although demo account is not with real money it however gives you access to real trading conditions and allows you among other things to see the spreads of the broker, the speed of order execution, reliability of trading platform, etc. i do it before open real account in TenkoFx with $10 minimal deposit

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Choosing a reliable broker is not a big deal there are 100 of brokers exist in the forex industry. I would say just listen to Andrew Budzinski (CEO IC Markets) Interview at iFX EXPO ASIA 2014