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  • You Are In The Ponzi Scheme Whether You Realize It Or Not

    The reasons for continuing to participate in stock markets are discussed in this video from Gordon T. Long and John Rubino. It all comes down to liquidity (and little else).

    The liquidity fraud is well advanced and likely will continue. This worldwide Ponzi scheme, engineered by governments, provides massive risks and opportunities. For those who don’t understand what is occurring, there is much to be gained from this presentation.

    Mr. Rubino describes the problem the Fed’s liquidity has created. Bubbles are re-inflating just as they did prior to the 2008 collapse. Why shouldn’t they? The exact same scam is being perpetrated by government. Another collapse will eventually occur, but its timing and form can only be speculated on.

    Rubino does a good job of explaining Ludwig von Mises’ ”crack-up boom” which will ultimately destroy fiat currencies. That end leads to extremely high, probably hyper, inflation. The pieces are already in place for this outcome. All that has to happen is for banks to begin normal lending or for people to understand what is happening (or going to happen) to the value of currency. Something will ignite the timber.

    Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff had to lure marks into their scams. People joined them by choice. The Ponzi scheme operated by governments is mandatory. You are in it whether you want to be or not. You are in it whether you realize it or not. The only issue is to decide is what the best way is to play this Ponzi scheme. Long and Rubino discuss your options.

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    Re: You Are In The Ponzi Scheme Whether You Realize It Or Not

    We are pulled int this Ponzi scheme the day we are born : all is done in order to make us believe that it is good for us while the only ones benefiting from it is the ever-growing political apparatus and their good old buddies - the bankers


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      Re: You Are In The Ponzi Scheme Whether You Realize It Or Not

      oh man ur so right this is the bigget ponzie scheme for sure - i say u go to the local bank right and give me some money say cash or cheque and then what they pay it out to someone else - lol and we all know that there is not a ponzi scheme in the world that will not crash sooner or later.. so kudos hombre nice to bring the story to the attentions of others


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        Re: You Are In The Ponzi Scheme Whether You Realize It Or Not

        the only differnce though is this ponzi scheme has the fed reserve so when it is going to crash they just print it more money to hand out and continue on its way without the fed res it would of crashed ages ago for sure go thank kissinger when he worked with the saudi's to create the backing of the usd as the petro dollar as without that ka baoom.. but hey thats the game u know it so u play it to your advantage, when they sell of u wait and buy back then when they buy back u wait and sell with em.. newtown an his apple would be so proud hey


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          Re: You Are In The Ponzi Scheme Whether You Realize It Or Not

          The ponzi scheme and the money lenders are almost as old as time itself - and wont be changing anytime soon

          a man called Jesus once threw out the Money lenders and look where that got him

          a few ex presidents once tried - and they also had untimely endings

          JPM owns the FED as the US Government ran out of money around 1900 and had to be bailed out by Mr JP Morgan himself
          when he died it was found out he only owed around 60% of his own company
          and i think most know who now owns JPM

          so to find the Emperor Ponzi we don't have to look to far
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